Why is money "running away" from us?

Why is money "running away" from us? Probably, everyone has heard about the so-called "passive income" or" passive income " for a certain period of time.But, alas, it doesn't happen that way at all! Every month brings new evidence of the catastrophic decline in our standard of living:An ever-empty wallet, a dropped salary, an inability to afford loans... all this inevitably leads to a "black streak" in life. Read more about the" secret " of financial well-being here. As with any other skill, "passive income" will require some time to perfect. But, over time, these skills will become second nature.And they will "come" to you automatically, by filling your "financial pillow".So what will you do with your "passive income"?1) Invest your money anywhereA person becomes rich only when they can no longer afford to live in the way he did before.When his salary is high, his family is very happy. When his income is low, he becomes very angry. When the "passive income" income" arrives, it is immediately "kicked" away from him. And the anger and hatred of the world and its problems "increase exponentially". So don't miss your chance to become a "fortunate owner" of an impressive financial capital today!2) Start investing as early as possibleMake your money work so that it "brings" to you new money.To do this, invest them in investments that will grow faster than the rate of inflation.Yes, this may sound depressing. But only for those who do not understand something, and they are not invested in something.But the active part of the job is now taken by robots, algorithms and artificial intelligence.Therefore, start investing right now — and do it regularly (monthly, weekly, or whenever you buy). 3) Sell what you don't useIt has long been proven that the more often you spend your money, the better your financial performance.And the earlier you start, the better!Because the main thing is to start increasing your earnings with the money you have.Because investing is not about math. It's about your inner being. What you do with your money affects the size of your financial capital and the speed at which your income grows.4) Keep track of your expenses You need to understand what your money is being spent on right now.And stop spending too much money on something that doesn't affect your quality of life.As a result, you will start to accumulate a "financial cushion" and be able to "make good" use of it. invest.the money earned.5) Make your money work for youThis is probably one of the most powerful new habits.It has already begun to affect you in various ways.But only if you think about this issue in the