Is it worth buying dollars (a useful currency for the dollar exchange)

Is it worth buying dollars (a useful currency for the dollar exchange) Today, there are already about 50% more expensive dollars in the hands of the population than there were a few months ago.And this is despite the fact that the ruble against the dollar for the first time in almost a year strengthened by 12%. Yes, the dollar (and other major currencies and foreign exchange derivatives) fell on this occasion.But the ruble will certainly recover after the financial markets reopen.In this article, we will talk about whether it is worth buying dollars (and other major currencies) for your convenience and as a tool for divisiveness. divisiveness. Yes, it's worth considering the idea of buying " dollars "to make money on the crisis" A personal Financial decision is somewhat subjective. Therefore, each of us should conduct our own research before making the following decisions: (1) If the ruble continues to decline rapidly, then it is likely that the situation will escalate sharply. it will escalate to the point that the entire economy will collapse (including the exchange rate of the ruble against the dollar).And the "wise" decision would be it would not to buy dollars at these levels at all. (2) If the ruble starts to rise, then it will be necessary for all of us to act simultaneously: individually, or collectively, as a group. Therefore, it makes sense to talk openly about how we will react to the upcoming events, and what we need to do in this situation. risk management. 3) if the dollar continues to decline, then the ruble exchange rate will strengthen.When the ruble becomes too weak to defy the will of the President, then the ruble will strengthen under pressure from the Russian budget. natural gas price.And so it will be with all those "zombies" of rampant hoarding that are taking money out of the population.4) Your answer to this question will depend on your level of financial literacy. subtlety and sincerity. If you are still completely clueless about the topic of money and its many benefits, then you can start with the simplest one: Save a certain amount every month (10-20% of your salary) and keep this money on Deposit in the most reliable Bank.This will allow you will take full advantage of the high probability that a drop in the dollar exchange rate will lead to a significant increase in your personal finances.5) Finally, consider how you will react if the dollar exchange rate increases by 50%.If you act according to the previous paragraph, then you have already accumulated a "financial cushion", which means you have a sufficient amount of money to purchase an adequate amount of securities.If, on the other hand, the dollar exchange rate increases by 50%, then you will react very negatively to this change. It is these "zombies" of hoarding that prematurely "eat up"